My 2012 resolutions :)




  1. Brave**
    7) Learn how to spell better ;P

  2. first of all:Happy new year..o always ana AKTHAR ;)
    here is:"MY "NOT TO DO" list for 2012:

    1. Over committing my time, energy, emotions or brain power.
    2. Saying yes when I want to say no "needs strength"
    3. Allowing My “have to do” list overshadow My “want to do” list = "concentrate on priorities" = important comes first!
    4. Letting external influences make My decisions for me."I will always decide for myself without being emotional"
    5. Expecting others to make me feel happy, satisfied, or loved."my happiness is built in"
    6. Allowing work to dominate my thoughts or conversation on days off."weekends are for leisure"
    7. Thinking that there’s not enough time to eat right, or get some exercise or relax or read a book or watch movies or enjoying The Downton Abbey with my beloved ;)
    8. Spending my free time doing things I don’t want to do."just to please others"
    9. Comparing myself to others. "I'm unique"
    10. Stressing over things I can’t control or change.
    11. Obsessing over the personal decisions that others make.
    12. Getting involved in things that are none of my business.
    13. Focusing my conversations or thoughts on problems."I'm always Positive"
    14. Projecting negative expectations."never over expect"
    15. Saying “I told you so” when my advice has been ignored."past will never be rewinded"
    16. Letting fads or trends dictate my preferences."I'm not a copy cat"
    17. Blaming others for my current reality."be responsible"
    18. Buying things I don’t need just because they’re cool."very hard but not impossible"
    19. Inventing distractions to avoid responsibilities.
    20. Signing up for more free information because i'm afraid I might miss out on something. :''''(
    21. Trying to hide from or make excuses for your real feelings."honesty comes first"
    22. Worrying about others opinion on me " don't care what people will think of me as long as I'm trying my best"
    23.Over sacrificing ("i"comes first") if I'm happy I will make others happy ;)
    24. Judging people "no one has the right to do so"!

  3. Asma 7abibty o entay eb alf khair ;)sara7 ur list 3ajeeba mashala