Suri Cruise to get a $130,000 Bounty from Santa Claus

 Suri Cruise had on her Christmas wish list for Santa Claus
Her wish list includes :-

1) A Pony - A common inclusion on most 5 year old wish lists. However Suri has already picked the one she wants – its a $100,000 one (we are assuming nothing less then a thorough-bred is good enough for Suri) and it shall have its own stable in Beverly Hills (also picked by the little girl).

2) Diamonds Earrings - A pair, which she has selected for $15,000.

3) Princess Gowns - Which would be available off the shelf in any Disneyland, but mommy Katy is expected to write to her designer pals to make sure that Suri gets nothing less then what a real princess would be expected to wear.

We are not going to whine about the 1% like Time or the recession or even the fact that the shopping list is more then the average annual salary of most people. Suri is one of the lucky few to have doting parents (who are indeed going to fulfill her requests in case you wondered) and who can afford to do so. Merry Christmas Suri.

And despite what Dad may tell you, its Santa and not Xenu (or anyone else that he might name)!

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