Lady of the lake: The giant 'mermaid'

قام الفنان أوليفر فوس بنحت تمثال طولة أربعة أمتار تقريباً على شكل "حورية بحر" وتم وضعة فى بحيرة ألستر فى مدينة هامبورج و هذا حتى 12 من هذا الشهر

Larger than life: Hamburg's lady of the lake sculpture branded an eyesore
She is supposed to be work of art, although some disgruntled city-dwellers are calling her an eyesore.
A giant sculpture of a woman bathing - measuring 12ft in total - has been placed in Hamburg's picturesque Alster Lake as a floating sculpture.
The lady in the lake is designed to look like she is bathing in the water and was apparently created with the aim of 'becoming a topic of conversation in Germany'.

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