Moving rocks!

This is one of the greatest mysteries that has kept scientists looking for decades of how these rocks move!? Yet until today no one can prove these mysterious forces!!

Whenever geologists or scientists try to surveillance the area with cameras and equipment they would be destroyed by a storm of some kind. No one has ever been able to track them down or know the science behind their movement, each move in a different direction.

No one has ever seen them in motion! 

 Some weigh over few hundred pounds!!!!

سبحان الله 


  1. Ymkn maskooneen?
    Maybe Aliens are just messing with us?
    Maybe Aliens are trying to create an image that can only be seen from the sky? Like trying to tell us some thing?
    Either way, it's interesting.

  2. loool imagine walla that would be so funny
    chethi masked remote we7arkonhom ahahaha