Martin Jetpack

!!! الحلم أصبح حقيقة
مافي مطارات ولا جوازات ولا تذاكر
نقعد من النوم نسافر نتريق في مكان ونرجع نتعشى في بيتنا وننام

Since the beginning of time man has dreamed of flying as free as a bird. Today, that dream is a reality. The Martin Jetpack is the world’s first practical jetpack.
The jetpack has been a major goal of the aerospace industry for over fifty years - a goal that has been achieved by Martin Aircraft Company. The Martin Jetpack is a result of years of input from a team of engineers and developers worldwide.
Originally designed with the leisure market in mind, Martin Aircraft Company has seen strong demand from a wide range of markets, including military, civil defence and recreation. It is in the final stages of research and development to meet early interest from the defence and civil defence sectors.
Today, Martin Aircraft Company is poised to introduce the unprecedented technical achievements of the Martin Jetpack to the commercial market.

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