Favourite Things

Dubai Marina Mall وانا اتمشى في
شفت هالمكان اعجبتني فكرته
وهو مكان ترفيهي للأمهات وأطفالهم

Extra Activities 

The Play Area

The Cafe

The Boutique

The Salon

Favourite Things Mother & Child is a completely innovative concept that puts a fresh face on children’s edutainment and motherhood.
It’s a place where children can play, while parents can either join in or relax, shop, meet friends and do all those things they never have time to do.
In today’s fast paced world, whether we are career women, homemakers or both, we now have a destination that is tailored to our needs, without sacrificing style, excellence or most importantly, the happiness of our children.
Favourite Things is the only destination in the UAE that offers high quality services and activities that target both mom and child. We provide the finest amenities, highly trained professionals, and fun all under one roof.

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