Sweet Box Cupcakes Truck

Few days ago after I got out of class was walking on campus, when I saw this truck on the street. I had to check it out so I started running chasing the truck down the street she finally stopped. I told her I love the design on the truck and would like to buy some cupcakes, she told me I'm driving so I asked her where does she park her truck, she then told me right around the corner which is on my campus. I got excited and asked if she accepts cards most trucks on campus do, using their iPhone they have a small piece attached to the headphone jack and they just swipe the card unfortunately she didn't so I went to the ATM got some cash and went back to her.

The thing I like about trucks here in the US is that they are not limited to one location, unlike shops in Kuwait if business is not good because of their location they are stuck but with a truck the possibilities are endless they can move where ever they want to generate more business and attract more customers.

This is how the box looks its says : Made with LOVE
 They are at $2.50 each which is pricy for a cupcake even though they are sold from a truck they're gourmet cupcakes and taste excellent truly made with love.

So I got...
Love Park: classic southern red velvet cupcake topped with a vanilla cream cheese frosting.
Chocolate Vanilla: Ghirardelli chocolate cupcake topped with a sweet vanilla buttercream frosting.
and she gave me a third one for free because I chased her down the street lol ;p
Cookies and Cream: Ghirardelli chocolate cupcake with a sweet vanilla cream buttercream frosting rolled in oreo cookie crumbs with a vanilla cream core.

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