Being Human

I stopped watching shows for quite some time, ever since Lost and Prison Break I haven't seen anything. About a year down the road I started watching Dexter I have to say got attached right away its a great show, but I'm still waiting for Season 6 to air this coming September. So as I was walking I saw an Ad about a new show called Being Human there is a British version, but this is an all new American version. I decided to check it out its about three housemates a vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost don't ask me how their all living together under one roof it defies vampire law lol. I finished season 1 its not bad however there are no more episodes and season 2 is in the works, now I have nothing else to watch any recommendations??


  1. Hey you,

    Since I,m an addict to TV series I think I can help, however my taste might not suite you as I did not like prison break or lost. :/

    If you like medical drama you should watch house m.d., grey's anatomy, and private practice.
    If you are more interested in crime you should not miss white collar, castle and the new series body of proof. There is also blue bloods they say it's good but I haven't watched it yet.
    If you are a fan of the supernatural then watch vampire diaries (I love it) And may be smallville (superman origins)
    If you just want some American teenage drama then you have 90210, gossip girls, one tree hill and pretty little liars.
    I'm not so much with the comedy but it pops to head friends and two and a half men.

    If you did not like any just go to a web for tv series and choose a title that you like and explore. That's what I do when I'm out of eps to watch. If you want a good website google project free tv ( this is not an advertisement I promise. It's an American website and I'm Kuwaiti so no benefit but in my experience it's the best out there and they upload the episodes as soon as they are aired in the US).

    Good luck and enjoy. :)

  2. Thanks, for your well articulate reply. I was a TV addict once when I was back in high school. Lol you might be surprised but I've seen most of the ones you mentioned, the thing is its different when they first air the show and have to wait week after week for a new episodes because I grew up with the following shows : greys anatomy till season 5 (the spin-off came later: private practice just wasn't that interested watched couple episodes though that was like three years ago), smallville season 6 they've reached I think the 10th season and still going come on get it over with, one tree hill season 4 or 5 dont remember, supernatural few episodes to be honest after a while you get bored. I to the point where I predict the story line of the shows I want something new and possibly make me use my neurons a bit haha ;p but as you said I've also heard good things about white collar and blue bloods I'll check them soon. Few friends also recommended camelot and the borgais their new look them up. ahahaha don't worry I know ur not advertising I'm a Kuwaiti as well studying in the US I do come back when ever I can. but nothing beats the cable here and if I miss an episode I can download it with the blazing fast internet like Kuwait ehm ehm. I really wanna thank you for taking the time and writing this awesome comment! Keep checking us out and hope you enjoy our posts. Oh and by the way I love constructive criticism so if you have any comments, things you don't like, or just something you want us to post just shoot us a message using the contact us tab ;) have a great day