Matt LeBlanc Spoofs Himself on Comedy 'Episodes'

"Episodes," the new Showtime series, is about high hopes and crushed dreams. Moral and artistic compromises. Relationships pushed to the breaking point.

In short, it's about the television industry.
And it's a comedy.
It's also a return to the TV screen, after several years' absence, by Matt LeBlanc, who, for 11 smash seasons, played would-be actor Joey Tribbiani on "Friends," then put in two more seasons on its misfired spinoff, "Joey," which ended in 2006.
Now, on "Episodes" (which premieres Sunday on Showtime at 9:30 p.m. EST), LeBlanc is doing a brave, even rash thing: making himself the show's biggest punch line and possibly digging himself deeper into the real-life career dilemma his show portrays.

LeBlanc plays a fictitious TV star (and "Friends" alumnus) named Matt LeBlanc who, saddled by the stereotype of Joey, is somewhat of a joke in an industry that can't see casting him in anything but Joey-like parts. Meanwhile, he's held hostage by an audience that doesn't care to draw the distinction between Matt and Joey

yalla meta yen3ereth 3endena ?? o enshala ekon a7san men mosalsela joey ;)

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