Red Velvet

During my stay in Florida I had the chance to try one of the best red velvet cake ever !

This cake was from Bubble Room Restaurant

The Bubble Room is Florida 's most outrageous and award-winning restaurant - a delicious holiday from the ordinary. The decor is unlike anything you have experienced - unless you normally dine where Christmas, nostalgia, antique shops, and Hollywood are all rolled into one.
This fascinating American-cuisine restaurant is composed of eye-catching memorabilia from the 1930's, 1940's, and 1950's. Toy trains, twinkling colored lights, and more than 2,000 movie stills and glossies of stage and screen legends greet customers curious to see Captiva's famed restaurant.
Servers are aptly titled "Bubble Scouts," and sport zany hats and khaki uniforms covered in crazy buttons. These dutiful scouts serve large tropical drinks, local seafood, and choice cuts of prime rib, pork, and poultry.
The generous portions include a crispy salad, garden vegetables, and a basket of incredible Bubble Bread and sticky buns. The Bubble Room is nationally famous for its award winning dessert bakery, try one of their "sweet 16" favorites.
Outside, the colorful decor of the three-story Bubble Room building makes you smile even before you enter. Once inside, you'll find a 7-foot Mickey Mouse from a 1930 Disney float and an old "Santa's Workshop" from a Macy's department store window. As you can see, food isn't the only treasure you'll find.
The Bubble Room draws people in with old memories and sends them home with new ones of a fantastic dining spot. Your Florida vacation isn't complete without visiting this gold mine of nostalgia with the best food and fun on the islands.


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