iOS 4.2 is now available

Just few hours ago apple released the new iOS update which is for all their mobile devices that include the iPad, iPhone, and the iPod Touch. I have waited for this update for some time but unfortunately, it just wasn't enough for me. I have realized that more disk space was taken after the update in the "Other" section labeled orange of more than 2GB!! Another annoying thing was that that albums in photos have duplicated for some reason and I can't find a way to delete them. Oh and AirPrint only support like 10 printers for now, and few glitches here and there. While there were few others that ran the update smoothly let me know how it goes for you?

Mobile Me has also been revamped, this is how it looks now. Apple also decided to offer "Find my iPhone" app for free rather than signing up for mobile me. For more details on the new featured updates on the iOS 4.2 click here.

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